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알림 국제학술활동 참여 실적 (2010 ~ 2012, 3년)
20 국제학술활동 참여 실적 (2010 ~ 2012, 3년)
19 [국제학술회의 초청강연 2012.07.02] Embelin induces apoptosis in human glioma cells through inactivating NF-κB 1
18 [국제학술회의 초청강연 2012] Acupuncture : Stimulation vs. Context
17 [국제학술대회 초청강연 2011.11.21] Role of AEG-1 in glioma-induced neurodegeneration
16 [국제학술회의 초청강연 2011.11.19] Bee Venom raises immune to lerance via Th1/Th17/Tregimmune-modulation and at tenuates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis through direct effects on CD4+ CD25+ Treg
15 [국제학술회의 초청강연 2011.09.23] Translational Acupuncture Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases
14 [국제학술회의 초청강연 2011.09] Phase-specific remodeling of synapses in the S1 cortex of neuropathic painmice and its association with astrocytic Ca2+ signaling
13 [국제학술회의 초청강연] The present status of Korean botanical products market
12 [국제학술회의 초청강연] Acupuncture and Brain Imaging : What do we have to consider
11 [국제학술회의 초청강연] Neural Substrates of acupuncture treatment innicotine addiction : An fMRI study 1
10 [국제학술회의 초청강연 2010.10.27] AEG-1 : a novel target for CNS tumors
9 [국제학술회의 초청강연 2010.10.27] Apoptotic activities and cellular uptake of Ginsenosides from Korean Red Ginseng in human breast carcionma cells.
8 [국제학술회의 초청강연 2010.12.05] "How does the East medicine meet the West medicine?: Acupuncture mechanism Study on a Parkinson"fs disease
7 [국제학술회의 초청강연 2010.03.17] Nonpenetrating sham needle : Biomechanical and physiological properties
6 [국제학술회의 초청강연 2010.03.17] Effect of acupuncture for Parkinson's disease model